What clients say about Danielle

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Working with Danielle was transformative for me. Her professional, compassionate and non-judgmental approach to our work enabled me to explore something I was stuck on and delve into other areas I was unaware were part of the problem.

Danielle was simply amazing and the results far surpassed my expectations.

– Tracey Mylecharane, Solicitor

I felt ready to make positive changes in my life and wanted to kick some old limiting beliefs that I feel have held me back. Danielle’s approach was gentle, insightful, friendly and relatable, with a bit of humour thrown in. I was challenged in a good way and the work was what I need to do to get where i want to be. I have gained a bunch of tools that are already Helping me when old, negative thought patterns try to creep in.

– Kirsten Cox, Photographer

Thank you lovely Danielle. You have a gift. I am so thankful that I reconnected with you and your programmes. They have been extremely helpful to get me back on track. I know that I am in charge and I still have work to do, but I also know that working with you helped move things. And I felt so supported with no judgement. So grateful!

Angie S

I have realised that I did not value myself or have any self-belief and was happy to settle. I have now given myself permission to actively be the best “me” I can be – to know my value and not be defined by past experiences. I now have a clearer understanding of what I want and I am much more confident in my decision making.

– Sonja C

I have been able to tackle some obstacles that were holding me back from living my best life. I now have strategies that allow me to be kinder to myself, use my strengths to my advantage and communicate effectively with family, friends and colleagues. I no longer expend my energy on things and people that matter least. I am now able to effectively and respectfully communicate with my husband, without the conversation escalating.

– Elysha W

Lisa S

Working with Danielle has literally changed my life. Initially I was cynical around whether I had stuff to unpack – having been in therapy for more than a decade and being a business coach myself, surely I was super self aware and had an excellent handle on everything? I was showing up and leaning in and doing the hard work. Or so I thought. 

Two major breakthroughs later, I’ve found myself exposed to deep wisdom and pragmatic tools to shift my behaviour and mindset; while being held accountable for my shit and held in moments of immense vulnerability. 

Working with Danielle feels like hanging out with a bestie who has the professional expertise to support and challenge me in way which has unlocked constraints, accelerated growth & healed trauma I was carrying around like a security blanket. It’s also helped me make smarter choices and move towards loving my best possible life. 

Super grateful for the experience to date & excited about what’s to come. Couldn’t recommenced working with this wickedly funny, wise and kind woman highly enough. Thank you! 

As a trained counsellor I was a little sceptical going into my session, unsure of what to expect and wary of a hard and fast approach to tackling those issues. Those doubts dissipated quickly.

Danielle is at once both empathetic and directive, nurturing and prepared to challenge. In discussing what I thought was my main issue she was quickly able to wade through and get to the root cause.

By implementing the assigned techniques and tasks I noticed an immediate and positive shift in my thoughts and actions.

– Gab R

I just started my new online business. It scared the crap out of me for months and I had imposter syndrome, but I just did it. After working with you I know I’m worthy of showing up as an expert in my industry and I have done it.

– Cass E

I first started with Danielle’s breakthrough program – wow! Danielle helped me identify some self-limiting beliefs I had built up over the course of my life, she helped break it down and gave me tools to overcome (as well as manage) it.

I discovered the impact of the program when I opened up to her work and implemented the tools she gave me. Danielle made me feel comfortable from the get-go and confident I made a smart investment. Danielle has been supportive, has held me accountable for my success, and helped me articulate / understand things I may not have understood prior to her work.

The impact Danielle has had on my day-to-day has been incredibly useful at this stage of my life. If you are a bit lost or have some self-limiting beliefs that you want to get rid of, I highly recommend connecting with Danielle ASAP.

– Anita M

What I love about Danielle is how real she is. Her honesty and transparency makes working with her a far more authentic experience.

Life is perfectly imperfect. It’s not all sunshine, rainbows and lollipops. But with the tools and techniques that I have learnt from Danielle, my ability to weather the storms is stronger. Instead of staying in catastrophe mode, I can find a way through it a lot quicker. Danielle is empathetic, but not afraid to challenge you. It’s the challenging that has helped me to change the many limiting beliefs I had of myself. I may stumble, but that doesn’t equate to me being a failure. She’s like a little angel sitting on my shoulder, challenging me when I have unkind thoughts about myself. Tap tap… “C’mon Vicky. Is that really true?”
I like it. A lot.

– Vicky F

Thank you Danielle, for my breakthrough. Your warm and empathetic nature made me feel safe to unravel the hurt and trauma that has been holding me back. Your guidance, timeline therapy and expertise gave me a much better understanding to who I am as a person and  be able to work through my road blocks. “My relationships are changing daily and I feel incredibly grateful to have experienced this breakthrough. I highly recommend you to anyone wanting to move forward and experience a positive change.

– Joanne C

You taught me how powerful forgiveness is, not just towards others who may have hurt me emotionally and physically as well – and you could not have given me a greater gift, girlfriend, because in doing so I have forgiven myself. The empowerment this has given me is incredible and I can’t tell you how much it’s changed my inner dialogue. The difference in me is amazing.

– Sandy C

I am no longer paranoid about safety and overly worried about the future and what it may hold outside of my control.

I have learned to let go of the fear of the past and the anxiety that came with it by learning to acknowledge what  happened and letting go of it so it no longer affects the present, allowing me to enjoy life as it is now.

The Breakthrough program has had a major positive impact on my life. I was so anxious and fearful of things I could not control, dragged down by my past, that I couldn’t allow myself to enjoy the present. But this program has taken a massive weight off my shoulders. I am happier, way more relaxed and have learned to acknowledge that there are things beyond my control and to take my time along this journey that is life.

 Danielle is a wonderful person who really listens to what troubles you and digs deep to truly get to the source of your troubles which are sometimes locked away very tightly, you do not even know they are there. She unlocks these deep problems, helps you work through them and provides solutions to releasing the negative emotions that affect your everyday life. 

 Life for me before this program were full of over planning, over analyzing, over worrying, over fearing and just not living in the present, appreciating the things I have. 

 My life changed after the first session, where Danielle and I worked through my anxieties that had plagued me for years due to my part traumas. After the first session, the fear that had been shadowing me significantly lessened and although I still have off days, I am reminded of my sessions with Danielle and know that there is nothing I need to fear, and that everything will be okay. This is not just for the past, but for the present and the future as well. Since that first lesson, and with every lesson that followed, I learned to be grateful for the things I have, appreciative of the people around me that are there to support me and pure happiness about where I am now.

– Sam R

Q&A with a Life Coaching client

The main problem was focus in direction.  Feeling unmotivated and unsure with which direction to go in, without feeling I was repeating old patterns.  Emotional see saw keeping me in a place of stagnation. Developing my focus in direction, relationships and life balance.

I feel I have a clearer direction now. I feel motivated to head in a direction with out giving up completely. Something inside me continues to feel a spark of inspiration. I have opened up my circle to trying new things again, and opened up to the universe with action  to assist me with romantic relationships. I feel I am more comfortable with ALL my emotions and expressing more openly. I feel more me again.

What impact has working with me had on you and your life, and what are the outcomes of the work we’ve done together? 

I feel the major impact was the accountability. To be accountable to someone that was nurturing and supporting me in the next steps. This I feel, has enabled me to take more responsibility on again, in a new way. To start to create without feeling defeated. To just become me again. Without the pressure from the past.

What have you enjoyed most about working with me so far? 

Loved connecting with you. I really enjoyed the NLP hypnosis work. That was fun. I always love working with timelines past present and future. It always brings deep insight and always an integrated healing. It was a new modality for me to try and I liked it a lot. 

What was life like before you started working with me?

I think the main thing was that I felt was defeat. What was the point of moving into the direction I was thinking.  I have tried it before and it didn’t work, I would think, so why even bother. This thinking confused my inspirations to move forward. 

What is life like now that you’ve experienced working with me?

I think and feel that it has had a great positive impact. I feel that I am more confident in moving into a direction with more focus. I feel like something has shifted.  I am not completely sure what, and I don’t mind that I don’t know, as we covered a lot of stuff with our sessions. I know that healthful habits are back in place and I am so thankful for that.