Creating A Delicious Balance Between Work, Rest And Play

by Danielle Colley

paperback | ebook

About the book

For years, Danielle Colley believed life was endless rounds of stress until you died. One day, after being fired as a journalist at The Australian Women’s Weekly, the solo mum was propelled beyond stress and straight to Burn Out Town. Deciding life should not feel like a constant uphill marathon, Danielle’s mission became discovering contentment and creating an ambitious life that still feels good to live.

While uncovering what kept her striving beyond her edge, addicted to stress and self-soothing with whatever she could, Danielle realised at the heart of it was the ingrained conditioning that success proved you were a worthy human and should be attained at all costs.

But a chance comment about making life more like a Mars Bar changed how Danielle saw life forever.

Raw, hilarious and relatable, The Chocolate Bar Life invites you to liberate yourself from the world’s expectations and prioritise a delicious balance between work, rest and play.

The Chocolate Bar Life by Danielle Colley