benefits of smiling

What happens when you smile at strangers for a week?

This morning, as I walked along the beachside promenade, I flipped smiles casually to passersby. Some people looked away probably presuming I’m a psychopath, but often people smiled back. When I got a “hi” or “good morning” it was a like hitting a little feel-good jackpot because it’s hard to know precisely how you’ll be … Continue Reading

bust stress in 60 seconds with these 5 tips

Bust stress in 60 seconds with these 5 tips

Stress is a side effect of life. We’re all busy juggling multiple roles in our lives, and just the right amount of stress actually helps us perform at optimum level. An excess of stress, however, has the opposite effect on the body and mind. You may become irritable, sleepless, anxious and even depressed. Over a … Continue Reading