are your boundaries causing burn out?

Are your crappy boundaries causing burnout?

Victoria* thinks she struggles to speak up for herself, but what she doesn’t realise is her biggest challenge is really her crappy boundaries. At work, she says “yes” to more work when her plate is already overflowing. When her colleagues or someone in her family does something she is not comfortable with she bites her … Continue Reading

The Stories of our Post Baby Flesh

First published on Keeping Up With The Holsbys in 2014 I recently received a Facebook ad in my newsfeed for a brilliant new procedure being offered to mums. It was enticingly titled – ‘Australia’s First Mummy Makeover Package.’ The makeover consisted of a little tummy tuck for the excess skin where your flesh stretched to … Continue Reading

body image movement your good life

Is self-acceptance just an excuse to let it all go?

  Body image activist from the Body Image Movement, Taryn Brumfit, hit a global nerve when she posted an unconventional before-and-after image of herself in 2013. The first image was her post three babies, as a buff, bronze fitness model at the height of her game. The second image was her naked body in all … Continue Reading