How to deal when you have a mismatched libido

When yours and your lover’s mojo is aligned it feels like delicious belly fireworks… But if the libido balance is skewed one way it can feel like trying to light a fire with a wet match. In short, mismatched libido can feel frustrating and isolating. If one partner is “in the mood” but the other … Continue Reading

the list that saved my relationship

The Bucket List That Saved My Relationship

I had been dating my guy for a year and a half when I realised life felt as stale as a piece of old sourdough. We loved each other. It wasn’t that, bit this tale is about how I saved my relationship from a crash and burn. I have two small children from my previous … Continue Reading

facebook unfriend

Why the ‘unfriend’ hurts like a bee-atch

The Facebook unfriend is the new social statement if you have decided it’s time to amputate the dead wood from your life. People announce “I’m having a cull, if you see this you made the cut” so there is an “in” crowd even in cyber space. Or maybe one day, you’ve just been kicked to … Continue Reading

make or break your relationship

Make or break your relationship with these 10 things

It would be a perfect world if our relationship was always giggles and bubbles, but it’s also fairly unrealistic anywhere except Instagram. Relationships aren’t easy, but there are certain behaviors that can make or break your relationship without you even realising. When you bring two fabulous individuals together with different personalities, big opinions, kooky or … Continue Reading