the list that saved my relationship

The Bucket List That Saved My Relationship

I had been dating my guy for a year and a half when I realised life felt as stale as a piece of old sourdough. We loved each other. It wasn’t that, bit this tale is about how I saved my relationship from a crash and burn. I have two small children from my previous … Continue Reading

signs you need couples counselling

8 signs you need marriage counseling

Recognising the signs you need marriage counseling may not be as simple as you may think. When your relationship is sailing smoothly on the love boat, it feels like the pair of you are invincible. You can smash any goal with your lover by your side, and you can’t imagine the rainbow would ever end. … Continue Reading

how to be better in bed

7 steps to being better in bed & finding your inner sex goddess

Only someone very cocky would say they don’t want to be better in bed. But if the very words “be better in bed” conjure images of contortionist like bends while playing exotic music, or weekend long sessions of tantra from which you emerge emaciated but smiling, think again. A healthy, positive and regular sex life … Continue Reading