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attitude of gratitude inner peace

How an attitude of gratitude can bring you inner peace

If you hear ‘attitude of gratitude’ and die a little inside, you need to think again. If you’re skeptical about practicing gratitude to help bring you inner peace, let me shine a big fat light on the changes this daily gratitude practice brought to my life. I was having a tough time last year. There … Continue Reading

How to survive the ‘suck back’ after a big achievement

I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro recently. I have to admit it was an incredible lifetime achievement to stand atop all 5895m of the highest freestanding mountain in the world. I trained intensively for months leading up to the adventure, I raised money for my favorite charity, Rafiki Mwema and I had the support of all of … Continue Reading

ways to live a better life

10 ways to live a good life starting NOW

Almost everyone would admit that they could be happier in their lives, however, if we keep doing what we’ve always done we’ll keep feeling how we’ve always felt. Find out how to live a good life, a better life, with only small changes that you can begin immediately. It’s time to adopt some new healthy … Continue Reading

how much money buys happiness

How much money buys happiness?

Australia is ranked as the 10th richest country in the world, and yet we are ranked 2nd in the world for prescribed antidepressants, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Generally speaking, on a global scale, we are rich and unhappy. Although having money beats being poor, research suggests that once you have … Continue Reading

facebook unfriend

Why the ‘unfriend’ hurts like a bee-atch

The Facebook unfriend is the new social statement if you have decided it’s time to amputate the dead wood from your life. People announce “I’m having a cull, if you see this you made the cut” so there is an “in” crowd even in cyber space. Or maybe one day, you’ve just been kicked to … Continue Reading

Coping with overload and learning how to do less

Coping with overload and learning how to do less

  We’re all so incredibly busy, aren’t we? Someone recently said to me that we’re so busy filling every moment that we don’t have time to live well. What a terrible waste, when our workload is so great that the expense is our joie de vie. Our workload is heavy. Our life load is too much. … Continue Reading

how to reignite your creative spark

How to reignite your creative spark

Creativity is a muscle, which we must exercise and hone for it to become sculpted and strong. If we ignore it, it simply withers and gathers fluff like an apple core in the bottom of your handbag. Luckily, like those disused muscles, once you get going again you can reignite creative spark with a little … Continue Reading

How I stopped being mental as

There are times in my life where the thread that holds me together gets a little thin. At times, I feel mental as. Throw in some stress, a wild pack of hormones, and a dose of sickness in the house and it’s just a matter of time before the geyser of doom blows. There are … Continue Reading

Can’t meditate? Give active meditation a crack

  Research has shown that meditation can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and increase your happiness and wellbeing. If you’re screwing up your face and saying “Tried it, but I can’t do it” chances are you didn’t find the right style for you. Everyone can meditate, but maybe active meditation is more your thing. … Continue Reading